The tower escapes
The Tower Escapes is a great way to have a good time with your friends, co-workers or family.
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The tower escapes
Looking similar to a regular room, it is located inside of the National Historic site, and features a range of puzzles, hidden objects and clues you need to
find to escape.
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The tower escapes
You have just 60 minutes, so don’t waste your time and be quick. Call us today to reserve your one of a kind real life experience event.
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The Tower Escapes includes a wide variety of puzzles and challenges you have to solve. Think carefully and act quickly to get out on time!

HOW YOU CAN ENJOY tower escapes?

Fun for everybody

The Tower Escapes welcomes everyone, whatever your age and skill set are. Our escape rooms don’t require any special knowledge to participate so contact us without any hesitation and have a good time!

Private events

Contact the Tower Escapes and we’ll do our best to make your party, birthday, reunion, or any other memorable day really special

Team building

The game requires working together intensively on complex challenges, which is a great way to enhance team building skills in a fun and interactive way.


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h1 Pro tips for escape room players

Whether you’re entering an escape room for the first time or you have been in a number of escape rooms before, there is a range of useful tips it is better to know to complete the mission (escape the room) faster.

In the Tower Escapes, participants should work as a team and think critically to finish the game. There are some useful tips to remember to play an escape room like a pro.

H2 Stay positive

  1. Time is crucial in any escape room, so try to use it in the right way without wasting it.
  2. Keep up your enthusiasm and motivation to work on solving puzzles you’ll face during the game.
  3. Try to keep the motivation of your group too and of course don’t forget to have fun!
  4. After all, it’s just a game and the journey is more important than the end.

H3 Split the game

One of the most important things to escape any room is to split the gaming tasks between your teammates, and the Tower Escapes is no exception. Your team will save a significant amount of time working on different tasks in different parts of the room. It is recommended that each small group solves their own clues separate from rest of the group. This way, you’ll spend time efficiently and manage the game properly.

H4 Brainstorm

Combining efforts with the entire group is always a good idea. A good brainstorm will give you and your teammates a faster access to a wide range of options on how to solve the most complicated tasks. Don’t stop when you stuck, get your teammates to help.

H5 Respect your teammates
  • Escape rooms in the Tower Escapes require concerted efforts of your group, so you have to respect all your teammates.
  • It is the only way to not only escape the room quickly but also enjoy the game to the full extent.
  • If one of your friends or colleagues is struggling with a puzzle or a clue, it is better to ask him or her if the help is needed.
  • Also, you may ask your group members to unlock the locks and enjoy the feeling of the game progress.
These tips will help you play an escape room like a pro. Don’t be afraid to lose, as losing and winning are the parts of the game. Have fun!