COVID-19 update: All rooms are private with no extra charge. Everything is cleaned and sanitized between reservations. For more information give us a call at 919-504-6250
The tower escapes
The Tower Escapes is a great way to have a good time with your friends, co-workers or family.
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The tower escapes
Looking similar to a regular room, it is located inside of the National Historic site, and features a range of puzzles, hidden objects and clues you need to
find to escape.
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The tower escapes
You have just 60 minutes, so don’t waste your time and be quick. Call us today to reserve your one of a kind real life experience event.
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The Tower Escapes includes a wide variety of puzzles and challenges you have to solve. Think carefully and act quickly to get out on time!

HOW YOU CAN ENJOY tower escapes?

Fun for everybody

The Tower Escapes welcomes everyone, whatever your age and skill set are. Our escape rooms don’t require any special knowledge to participate so contact us without any hesitation and have a good time!

Private events

Contact the Tower Escapes and we’ll do our best to make your party, birthday, reunion, or any other memorable day really special

Team building

The game requires working together intensively on complex challenges, which is a great way to enhance team building skills in a fun and interactive way.


The Best Escape room for children and adults: online order

Want to have fun and excitement in your free time? Do you like to solve puzzles and train logical thinking? We invite you to take part in one of the most popular entertainment among adults and children – the quest room The Tower Escapes.

The Tower Escapes – №1 choice in North Carolina

The Tower Escapes is the best escape room in North Carolina for spending fun time with friends or celebrating special events such as: birthdays, family gatherings, anniversaries, bachelor parties, or any other occasions.

We have interesting stories from professional escape room creators, the most realistic and immersive scenarios, and cool props ready for you.

The time will fly, and you will get an unforgettable experience.

Our quest room is a part of the first water tower of the city, located in the historic downtownRaleigh. Therefore, it bears the symbolic name “The Tower Escapes”. Under the terms of any quest, your team will work together to complete a sequence of tasks in a closed space to get out within the allotted 60 minutes.

The Tower Escapes is the perfect place for team building, birthdays, or any private event in Raleigh,North Carolina. The minimum recommended number of participants is 2, the largest room accommodates 10, and for larger groups please inquire over the phone.


The Tower Escapes in Raleigh is recommended to be visited by the whole family with children over 12 years old (participants of 12 and under require adult supervision, private rooms are recommended for groups with kids, please inquire over the phone for available options).

  • couples;
  • friends;
  • colleagues.

Why should you choose The Tower Escapes?

  1. Convenient location. Our escape room is easy to find – we are located in downtown Raleigh, close to restaurants, bars, and other venues.
  2. Professional organization. Each room is carefully thought out and worked out by our experienced team.
  3. High level of service. Outstanding customer service is our priority. We’ll do everything to insure you have the best experience.
  4. Three exciting quests to choose from. You can book an admission for any of three different The Tower Escapes Experiences (The Castle of Loches, The Secret of the Tower Keeper, Bootleggers’ Den), which differ in different riddles and escape strategies.

Test your strength! Gather your team, choose a quest room that fits best, and book it online.